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A world of breathing pet dogs!

Our lovely breathing pets are made with 100% synthetic fur. They look real and lively with full handwork technique, high-level craftwork and beautiful pets models. They are not only fine indoor decorations and gifts for friends and relatives, but also pet toys for children. Our company has been specializing in producing and exporting furry animal pets. Our products have been exported to many countries and areas in the world. With more varieties, top quality and best prices, our breathing dogs and breathing cats have been very popular in the world.


Lifelike Breathing Dogs are cute sleeping puppies that offer unconditional love and are maintenance-free.

They look so lifelike - you can even see them breathe! You're sure to find a lifelike companion that's just right for you or perfect as a gift to the dog-lover in your life.

Breathing Pet Dog Carrier
Breathing Dog Carrier